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Scott R. MacKenzie Foundation has announced genome-based research grants to entities nationwide



"Our grant recipients include Mayo Clinic directly and through Schwab Charitable Fund."

-Scott R. MacKenzie




The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing to epidemic proportions and with it comes complications such as kidney disease.  Although advances have been made in identifying medications which can slow the progression of diabetic kidney disease, these treatments do not prevent the ultimate development of end stage kidney disease.  We are pleased to partner with UF Health on this project and hope to develop and characterize a new mechanism in mice with potential to reverse the scarring process in the diabetic kidney.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and the world. While under intensive study, there are no approved treatments that stimulate regeneration of heart muscle after a heart attack. MDI has identified a proven, safe, small molecule, which stimulates regeneration in the heart and other tissues. The molecule stimulates a two to three fold increase in regeneration of zebrafish heart, nerve, bone, skin, connective and vascular tissues without malformation and in adult mice, a four week treatment increases survival, improves heart function two fold, reduces scarring by 55% and stimulates cardiomyocyte regeneration four fold. By funding this project we hope to develop a new treatment for heart attack and other serious diseases.

The Scott R. MacKenzie Foundation is pleased to support the research being conducted by Dr. Edison Liu at the Jackson Laboratory located in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Our gift supports the research necessary to identify a potentially curative regimen for tandem duplicator phenotype triple negative breast cancer.  Dr. Liu’s work was recently featured in Cancer Cell. Read more here: Cancer Cell