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Through it's philanthropic mission and vision Jacksonville's Scott R. MacKenzie Foundation is a cornerstone for genome research


To provide funding to perpetuate genomic sequencing and research that can impact humanity, improve quality of life, and transform the future health of communities


In order to become a cornerstone of medical research in order to empower action, change lives and make a difference


Scott R. MacKenzie wants to make a difference in the lives of others in this world. As a philanthropist, his caring and compassionate efforts to fund important genomic sequencing and medical research reflect his determination to support those individuals who dedicate their life’s work toward the advancement of cures for diseases that touch humanity. The Foundation that bears his name seeks to fund initiatives that ultimately impact mankind. Founded in 2013, the privately funded Scott R. MacKenzie Foundation is based in Jacksonville, FL. The Foundation is a tribute to Mr. MacKenzie’s Scottish roots, humble beginnings and a deep commitment to help others.  The Foundation’s funding is a cornerstone for American scientific research and discovery of how the genome will change healthcare in the 21st century and beyond.